A moment like this...

Some ppl wait a life time....

For a moment like this...

Some ppl search forever...

For that one special kiss...

ohhh i can't believe, it's happening to me...

Some ppl wait a life time....for a moment....like this~


Finally...my lovely god sis  marry her lovely, handsome, kind hearted bf~ the banquet was so successful! it's the wedding type that i dream of! very pearl, pure and romantic~ not too much design but the environment is nice n comfy~ i love the way they arranger the program flow...the program run smoothly n u wont feel uncomfortable...i love their singers~ they r not the traditional type! i really enjoy their performance! they sing really well with perfect combination of voice~ the foods are really nice n fresh! i love the main dish the most! n ter r waitor or waitress tat serve us specially~ *cz we r from da GOD family~ really appreciate it very much! n thx for treating us in such a nice way~ love u:p ha~ ohya, the camera man is so pro! very smart n fast! let's see the pics~ *from bear's phone, not mine! cz my phone n camera was shut off wen i reach ter! stupiak punya battery! lolzzz*

终于,我大姐嫁给又 帅又细心的姐夫了!!!当晚整个婚宴超级的成功~是我看过最喜欢的婚礼~简单,却又不失华丽~当晚的设备,食物都很好~尤其是歌手!歌手唱个镇的超级的好 听!而且很舒服,不像传统式的那样~一把吉他,一架keyboard,完美的组合,把整个婚礼秤托得恰到好处~新郎新娘很亮眼~食物很新鲜好吃~而且,亲 戚桌会有特别的waitor/waitress招待~现场的布置也很美~虽然没有如千人宴来得大,却有千人宴的那种热闹的感觉~最难得的是,贵宾们都很合 作,不会大吵大闹,场面控制得很好,camera手脚特别灵活,杀了很多珍贵的画面!这是很重要的!一生人一次耶!一定要把所有的一切都拍下来,作纪念 拉~哈


da lovely pair of groom n bride~



    Image482.jpg Image485.jpg Image486.jpg

da food!!!


 Image470.jpg Image472.jpg Image474.jpg


tang sui.jpg


my happy family :p






he always try to act cool!!! lolzz ! cant u jz feel shy a bit wen i try to kiss u? boooooo



mom in layer lacey bow dress!!!! mom!!!! i loose d la!!!! i love ur style!!! always!!!!!

妈妈与我~ 好喜欢妈妈的裙子!蕾丝与蝴蝶结,都是我喜爱的哦~ 妈,我输了~ 甘拜下风~ 哈


uikkk~ i love this pic~ although its a bit blur~ but mom look nice here n the cute lil sis is reallly CUTEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

喜欢这张照片,很自然~ 看妹妹多可爱~ 哈

dad n me!!!! i love u dad!!!!!


normal_4a36657f01fa3.jpg normal_4a366549a45db.jpg normal_4a3665240e932.jpg 

non stop camwhoring! ha~ but its not me!!! its the bear!!!! ha~


da precious moment!



i would never forget tis day!!! love u jie~


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  • detectiveang
  • who;s tat guy taking pic with u....so lengzhai...
  • who's the gal who bought the shirt for him so tat he look handsome? booooooooooooooooooooooo~ ingat siape! ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/17 21:16 回覆

  • theng
  • hi

    wah , happy family oh =)
  • yeah yeah~ happy family~

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/19 23:01 回覆

  • Michele
  • ur mummy dress really nice ne.. can portrait ur mummy sweetness out ^^
    hehe.. nice~~
    of course ur dress also nice~ new one hor.. hehe..

    btw, so long nv c this Mr n Mrs Bear d~~
    miss u guys~~~
  • hehe~ yalo! she really geng chao one! n she knows wat she like N OSO WAT I LIKE =.=~ ha
    n yes...its my new dress~ yahooooooo
    i love it till faint ar!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/21 22:20 回覆