yeahhhhhh!!!!! finally i m will not be alone for 2 days!

sobbbbbbbbbb! only 2 days?!!!

give me more pls!!!!

n yes! my 2nd piece of vintage floral dress finally reach!

ps : click here for da previous one :p


it's baby pink!!!!!!!!!!i think i would love pink forever!!!!!!!!!!


da accesories~ ribbonssssssssss!!!!!!!! floral!!!!!!!!!!!!! pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tats my previous one~ i love both of them~ da green one is more vintage~ da pink act quite vintage too~ but jz a lil bit weaker than the green one~ ha


da same make up always!!!!!! MJ's eyeshadow, no matter wer sherlyn goes~


outfit pics~ yeah!! finally got ppl help me to take pic!*jump n dance*


pink bow : forever 21 RM7

shining bow necklace : ugly duckling RM39

waist ribbon : from da green dress

bow on wrist : sherlyn's handmade bow

chanel inspired bag : RM68 + RM8

pink princesss glass heels : nose RM60 * i think, ha~*





i tried to pose as much as i can, cz i m learning n dreaming to be a model!

i wish and i wan to be a model one day!but i jz cant reach it! cz i m not skinny enough n i dont know wer should i go to be a model!

so, instead of dreaming da dreams tat r not reachable, y not i try to be a model myself at my lil sweet home?which is here! ha

ter isnt any paid, but i really enjoy it! atleast i ve a *model* atleast once in my life! n i can even show my daughter the pics to prove tat her mama had been a model before! lolzzz ha



n yesssss!!!! da bear is back!!!! n guess wat! we go to IKEA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we love IKEA soso much! n i found tat they have come out wit new menu~

m*mutton* curry rice~ *vegetarian*

really nice n worth it! RM8.90 only~ best serve for 2 gals or 1 guy~ :p

DSC04389.JPG DSC04390.JPG

da princess tarta~ RM5.30 * i think, ha* not really nice act! i was like, yeeeeerrrr after 1 bite~ ha~ but it act taste well if u remove da green colour thing~ da green colour a bit weird! n its full wit cream~ ter r 2 layers in tis cake, da top part is full wit cream n da bottom is da normal cake tat we usually eat! dont pick it if u r on diet! ha~


here's our food!!!!! OMGGGG!!!!!!! y we always order so much wen we go IKEA??

n i eat lesser compare to last time!

i was full after half plate of da rice n a quarter of the mutton curry!

n so, u know la! da bear will be da one SHOULD, MUST and WILL sapu all the others! ha

i ate da 4 meatballs although i m full~ =.= jz cant resist it la k?

i m so in love wit IKEA's food! but its hard to find a partner who have da same interest wit me to go ter!


we went to Sunway after our lunch!

n da story begin!!! da piggy came out wit a big surprise for da bear!

*act i m not intended to make any surprise~ but he left me for toilet n so i need to shop myself for da next 10 minutes!*

n da only 10 minutes kill my wallet!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhh goshhhhhhhhhh!

DSC04443.JPG DSC04445.JPG DSC04446.JPG

i fall in love wit it at my first sight~ n after i tried it, i heard some voices said * wear it, sherlyn get it n wear it now! its urs!!!!! da ribbon high waist poofy dress is urs!!!! wear it now!!!!! * :(

he was surprised wen he saw me ha! pls forgive me k? i really love tis dress~!! poofy, high waist, ribbons! tats all my love!


i love love love da ribbon printssss~!!!


my lovely necklace!!!! coinceidence rite? i never meant too! but u can see, my necklace, my bag, my shoe, n even my bar stripes paired so well wit tis dressss!!!!!

i ve tested some other dress too~ but they doesnt break my heart~ ha


its a bit too poofy until i look so fat :( although i m fat la! ha but still, gals always find something tat can hide their weaknesses rite?


nnnn we went to one-u after tat~


da king of egg tart!!! OMGGG i love their double milk egg tart n their durian flavour egg tart!!! i love durian! but da bear doesnt seem really interested on it~ so i finish da whole tart myself! ha~

dear combined.gif

i captured da moment while he was eating so tat i can view it wen i m alone~ ha *sounds a bit bian tai rite?*


da lovely polka dots tulle dress from top shop!! it is really nice!!!especially da tutu part! however, after i tried it, i found tat it doesnt look well as wat i expected! da top part is a bit loose n i m not really love tat kind of material cz its a bit too strechtable!~ but da bottom part really nice la! ha~ anyone? pls inspired tis skirt k? i want da skirt part!!!!!! hahahah


da blended coffee wit coffee jelly~ nice try! but i love da java chip more!!!!!

n i miss San Fransisco buy 1 free 1 coffee!!!! tats wat we will drink each time we shop at mid valley! ha


he took tis pic for me~ n im kinda love it~ i always love da pics tat doesnt show my ugly face! ha

n again~ da outfit~




yeahhhhhhhhh!!! i love ballet! but my elbow doesnt look nice here! as for ur information, u should lift ur albow higher wen u do tis ballet pose~

i m touched n motivated by da movie, Dance, Subaru! i love tis movie soso much!

n i cried for about 3 times while watching tis movie! u should watch it gals!

u might feel bored if u not interested on dancing, but trust me, give it a try!

really touch!!!!!owh.......sobbbbbb



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  • theng
  • finally cn meet ur dear , sure damn happy lo ... haha , can see ur saliva coming out dy lo .. lolz
  • yalo!!!!!really enjoy tis 2 days! but tmw is monday :(

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/28 23:07 回覆

  • kiM
  • u look cute in the outfit so pinkish!!!nice~
  • thx o gal:p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/28 23:08 回覆

  • peggy20040641
  • 兩件洋裝都好可愛^^非常適合你的型耶
  • 谢谢哦~我也超喜欢的~ 而且我是在同一天里穿这两套的~ 哈 真的很喜欢~ 最后那件是当场试穿了马上买了,而且衣服并没有脱下,直接传出街! ha 很喜欢。。因为除了蝴蝶结以外又有韩风的味道~ 哈 而且2件都超便宜的~ 2件加起来大约马币100而已,也就是大约台币而已~ 你们那儿这样的裙子大约都卖多少阿?应该会更便宜是吗?:p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/29 19:54 回覆

  • khailing
  • ok i help you to see if there's any skirt like this around!

    that xmas tree is in your house? your house very nice la i like!!
  • weeeeiiii really ma?? bring me all the high waist skirts, florals, pinks, n polka dots la!!!! i m goin crazy hahahah!!! n yaya, da christmas tree is in my house~ tats my living room~ i never tot tat it would be so nice..until i see it from my lap! ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/29 19:56 回覆

  • detectiveang
  • wah...all your model pics looked nice...who's the photographer ya..?? should be someone very smart and talented...:)
  • walui yala yala!!! itu photographer banyak SMART la!!! lolzzz
    next time put ter detectiveang copy right k? =.=

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/29 19:57 回覆

  • peggy20040641
  • 我們這裡~像這樣漂亮的洋裝~韓版的應該都要1~2千元呢!感覺質感很不錯^^
  • 真的吗?最近真的超迷韩风的。。但要穿得好看,还是一门学问。。。真的要跟你们多多学习才行le !ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/30 00:17 回覆

  • ellyn
  • those dresses suit u so nice..*envy envy*^^
  • hehe thx gal~ no need to envy! go buy!!!!!~ heheh

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/30 20:22 回覆