Good Morning Ladies n Gentleman,YES! I HAVENT SLEEP! =.= From yesterday till now!!! =.=""


Sorry tat i look terribly pale n UGLY!!!! :(

Tat's the result of FINAL EXAM! =.= just finish my last final paper tat time n my hair was messy like dont know wat cow...orzzz

din even got to curl it before i go out..n my fringe is super long now!

looking for saloon with great reviews! any recommendations?


ohya~ bac to the topic!

TAT's My New Love!!!!!

Pink Woven Bag from See Saw Playground!

Woven Ribbon BAG!!!!!! nice rite? picture credited to See Saw Playground!


Below r the real pictures of the bag!


pink smooth leather + black ribbon with crystal heart charm + chain handle + pink hp pouch = G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S!

it looks totally the same with the picture on their site! da seller did not FAIL me!

n i know some of u might ask...y not Black? y Pink?

da reason i choose pink is bcz i have too many black shirt/dress/skirt/pants! everything is in BLACK! =.=""

n i wanted to buy another pink bag to replace my old chanel inspired! it looks more pale than me now! lolz hahaha


Love it at my first sight! thought they gonna fail to restock it used to be for those 5 stars item!


Love the charm!


it's BIG! can slip in a vivi i guess!


Overall product review :

Good Quality

Reasonable Price

Good, Polite, Efficient Seller!

See Saw Playground!*Click to their website*


I saw this kind of bag at Sunway pyramid, a store in front of Popeye selling it at RM79.90 each with very BAD quality!

I was so worry when i saw the one selling at Sunway! cz mine havent reach that time!

 i was so surprise wen i receive tis bag! da quality is so good! Thick n solid! not like those selling at Sunway one! tat one is way too soft n it cant even really stand well. =.=

n i got it at RM68 each...kinda reasonable!much cheaper than which sold in Sunway!

So beware of the quality if u r interested to get any!

n do KIV their site! they have lotsa nice stuff!n it sold out really fast =.=""


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  • theng
  • ya lo ya lo ..
    buy those bag that can stand well .. if soft soft will nt nice =)
    so fast lo update ur blog ..
    now i'm getting lazy and lazier to update ...
  • hah yalo!
    no la! i dont wanan sleep last nite n tat's y!
    m just wake up anyway! haahaha lolzzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/15 15:09 回覆

  • Michele
  • nice bag piggy gal.. ^^ n u look great in the picture still after the final exam CHAOs.. hehe..
    the body hugging dress really shows ur figure.. *phewwit ^^
    miss u gal~
  • haha wer got! if u see me near, u will faint! i look like a hungry zombie without blood! haahah

    anyway, thx precious for being here! hugssss

    hey, anjoy ur few days leftout wit ur darling as much as u can! holidays gonna start soon!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/15 15:11 回覆

  • Sarah
  • Nice bag~!

    haihh tell me about it..all nice stuff are gone so fast rite. Recently I've been looking for a high waist light blue short pants and its sold out evrywhereee even when I put in my order just as the site frustrating lor =( And the ones that are not sold out are not so nice =(

    But in the end I found a perfect one omg I'm so happy! lol..k out of topic adi T__T
  • haha yeah! n omg! i got ur high waist pants!
    i will never ever got myself a high waist pants or even pants online! cz i'm a L!!!! all those selling online r S / M sobssobsosbo! so nice la u!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/15 15:12 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • wa....
    so fast another blog update
    sherlyn, u din sleep??
    this bag very nice!!!!
    pink o black nicer???
    haiz...don noe how to choose
    i m gonna spend $$ again
    very thx sherlyn always share us the nice stuff
    cos i m lazy go for shopping
    so i love online shopping..hiak hiak
    hope u will always share us those sui sui stuff and bags
  • haha ya dear~ i didnt sleep! lolz hahaa
    the bag is currently sold out d!
    but u can still try to email the seller about it~
    maybe there is a chance behind:p

    between, i personally love both of them!
    but Black is easier to pair up :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/16 03:14 回覆

  • CocoGoddess
  • Hi Sherlyn,
    We had these bags in pink,black,brown and white but all sold out FAST!
    We got ourselves the one in pink too! Like u said,too many black isn't that good. ;)
    We came across the ones at pyramid and at Asian avenue too! :S

  • wow! u r the owner of cocogoddess? haha i know ur blogshop!~ bump there for quite sometimes d~ lolz haha
    thx for being here :p wish u all the best in ur blogshop business ya~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/26 01:01 回覆