Had been their fan for quite sometime and it suck my blood out everytime i walk into their stores!!!!

I'll die if i continue shopping like this!

Everything that i bought from there since last month cost me an average of RM200 per piece! 


Well, it's time to reward myself in a bit since i've been working for 1.5 years!!! Time past so fast OMG! I feel so old now!

Here's my favourite picks in July!


Topshop Peplum Scuba Dress*Click*

This is the back view of the dress cz i didn't manage to take any photos of the back of the dress.

This is when i was trying out the dress at topshop. I look super dumb I know.

Was getting approval from the bf's sis cz I need to get a "formal a bit" dress for her wedding dinner.

BUT, who knows in the end it's not that suitable but i still got it cz i love it so much! & I thought I can still wear it to work!

However, I ended up keeping it in my wardrobe to feed my little spiders! 

Matched it up with white/gold feather earrings & neon yellow bangles & heels.

This is the only photo that I have in my full outfit. zzz Didn't manage to take much photos cz it's the sis's BIG DAY! NOT MINE! LOL 


& Guess who I met that day?

Kenny Sia!!!!!OMG!!! I lost control and behu behu introduce myself to him I felt so embarass after that!!!!!

Lil pinky ring from Taiwan! Still love it after owning her for about one year!


Miss Selfridge Petites Cut Out Skater Dress*Click*

I love this dress so much!!!! Although it makes me look fat a lil bit cz I just couldn't help with the pink and the cut out from the side up to the back!

It's just too pretty to resist! It's not new though. Wore it a several times already and still in love with it!

During Aud & Tim's ROM at Tim's house ON THE HILL wtf LOL 38 38

And that's da bf's BFF from South America! He's damn cute @#$%^&^%$# And I cried when he left even though we just know each other for like hmm 9 days? LOL

Ipad bag used as clutch, from Ted Baker, Heels from Yume, & Necklace from Forever 21

Shot this picture long time ago. That's the necklace that I wore during Aud's ROM. 


Miss Selfridge Bodycon Chiffon Layer Dress*Click*

Same thing! No picture of the back so here it is.

I'm pretty much in love in white lately! Especially this piece! It's the most favourite dress among all the others!

Aud's friends from Japan!!!! 

I forgot everything that I've learned from my Japanese Language Class! Luckily they can understand english! LOL

I love da dress of the girl on the left! Very cute!

That's it for July!

Btw, this is my first time getting involve in a wedding plan!

Everything is wonderful and it's so amazing to see this sweet couple getting married and call themselves Mr. & Mrs Tiah!

The ROM is wonderful and Aud's dad cried during the ceremony! 

Just in case you haven't seen the wonderful ROM & the wonderful proposal video, here you go!




Wedding blog posts from Aud




Wedding blog posts from Tim




She's the prettiest bride that I ever seen!!!!

Some of her photos stolen from Carol - the super awesome photographer!!!! (FYI She's one of the photographers for my blogshop!) 


How many girls want to be like her & How many guys want to be like him?

Perfectly match to each other! 

Wish that they'll get a baby Tiah soon! hehehehe :)



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