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I bet most of you would've already known about this term. 

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorcer caused by inappropriate food restriction, fear of gaining weight or the thought of being fat all the time even when people say that you're not at all. 

I went through my puberty at my really young age. I was only in standard two and i remember there was one day i felt really uncomfortable around the breast area. 

Mom brought me to see a normal GP nearby our house and guess what? The doctor suggested an immediate surgery cz there's a lump inside my breast.

I cried when i heard that and i told my mom i'm not gonna do that! 

Parents were kinda worried and it was a Sunday. Most of the clinics were closed. 

Mom then drove me all the way up to my grandma house, which is quite far away from my house to the only one clinic that we heard was open. 

The doctor was a Sikh. And the doctor congratulated mom by saying it was not a tumor but your daughter is at the very beginning of her puberty stage now.

Phewwww thankgod!!! Or else i will only have 1 boob you stupid idiot doctor!!!!! Our family never went back to that clinic anymore and the doctor is still operating until now zzz.

So, what's up with this stupid puberty story related to Anorexia? No, don't get me wrong, i've never had anorexia but almost, almost if i continue feeling that way.

I was kinda fat compared to all the students in my school due to early puberty.

I was 157cm, 50kg when i was in standard 5!!! IMAGINE HOW FAT I WAS!

Ya know i was really annoyed when my PE teacher ALWAYS assigned me to throw shot put FML

I was never a confident person and i always go on diets. I care so much, so much about how other people look at me.

I lost 10kgs in around 3 months twice in my life and this is the reason why.

I remember i was eating maybe 2 eggs & 1 bowl of instant mushroom soup only each day. 

There're a few stages involved. Normally it begins with people going on a strict diet because they don't feel good about their looks, then they lose a lot of weight and friends and family start complimenting them that they're prettier now and then they become even stricter on food intake due to the  fear of gaining weight and of going back to the old days again. They will start starving themselves even more than before and whenever they look at the mirror they feel good about each kg that they lost. This will remain for a certain period of time and they start to eat less and less until they stop eating almost completely. Maybe only a little bit of water. 

My cycle went up to only having a small bowl of Nestum for brunch and maybe 2 sausages or nothing at all at night. 

I was really skinny and i felt really good when people said that I lost weight. Even though there were a lot of times when people complained that i  looked sick and weak. But I didn't care cz i wanted to be skinny and i wanted to fit in all those S size pants which i never did throughout my 20 years of living. LOL

Another side effect of going on a strict diet is mood swings. I tend to feel depressed almost everyday when i was skinny, and I wasn't happy at all.

I started eating again like a normal person 6 months ago when i first started my current relationship. 

I've never been this happy before!!! But of course, i gained about 4-5kgs and i'm focusing on a healthy lifestyle instead of strict diets right now. 

The ideal weight wouldn't be maintained if we go on strict diet drastically. It will definitely bounce back one day when you feel good about food again.

My focus right now is to dance and work out as much as i can & eat eat eat eat. Eat healthily of course. Don't starve yourself and don't count the stupid calories! 

I did that and my life sucked! Cz i couldn't really eat anything good and when i thought of the hours that i needed to be on the treadmill i would not eat that freaking super yummy Reese's peanut butter cup!

Eat up people! IF you're like the old me who's not satisfied with your own body shape, eat up and workout instead!

Here're some videos that i use to dance to!




OR you can join dance classes if Gym is just not a very good choice for you.

There're a lot of dance schools everywhere but these are the ones that i go to for now.

Talent Hub - Hip hop, contemporary dance, latin, burlesque etc


Viva vertical - Pole dance, burlesque, yoga




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Parents and bro were complaining that i'm gaining too much weight and my body is running out of shape & YES! 

Although i denied by saying that i'm happy now so what but secretly, deep inside my heart, i felt that it's time to shake off some fats already.

I gained 4kgs ever since I start pak toh wtf!

My life was really happy and we had dessert almost everyday after dinner & froyo every alternate day.

Yes. Suddenly i felt that we're actually quite rich! lol

But i do not want to go on strict diet cz it wouldn't last long! *i love to eat hahaha*

So i started to be more careful on food intakes.

And here's my diet plan :

1) Oat 

2) 2 Tortilla wraps (pork ham, cheese, tuna)  OR mihoon soup (mihun + vege + meat + fishball)

3) mihoon soup / pan mee soup (only if i'm too hungry)


I try not to starve myself at all and i will eat fruits whenever i feel hungry. 

I try not to eat anytime later than 7pm too.

And..And And...Finally i see some results!

1.5kg off in 10 days! *I don't know why so fast. Propably because i've been busy with my dance show and dance classes. I danced almost everyday*

I was like this.



58.5kg WTF SIBEH PUI KA AI SI LIAO! hahaha

Round face! you probably will say that no ar...not so fat also..but i know...cz i can't wear my old pants! FML



This is me now!!! *Doesn't look much difference though. But i can see it very clearly when i'm naked cz no more muffin top!*

After burning out the 1.5kg. I'm now proudly weight at 57kg WTF SO HEAVY!

My weight never drop below 50kg ever since the day i reach 11 years old :(

I'm always on the heavy side the heaviest me went up till 65kg which is when i just came from US. FML!


I wan to go down a lil bit more! 55kg. 

2 more kgs to go. 

And this is ma motivations!
























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"My favourite Ceaser Salad!!!! The salmon is freaking awesome! n it's 33 bucks =.= worth every penny though"


I guess this is not new to all of you...especially girls! 

Diet is like a never ending mission to all of us!

We still gonna complain that we're fat even we're 38kg wtf.

I can never reach 38kg though! I can still remember clearly that my weight strike to "5" when i'm only standard 5! FML max!

n my height was 162cm =.="" & i'm 166cm now =.=" 

I;ve tried thousands of ways to slim down! Diet pills, gym, yoga, protein diet, fruit diet all kinds of diet.

n I realized that the most effective way is to change our lifestyle.

The we live and the way we eat.

So these are those things that i'm gonna focus on :

1) Fruits Everday Every meal

2) Eat Protein whenever i'm super duper hungry - eggs, meat

3) Drink a lot A LOT of water everyday

4) Sleep early =.="" 

5) Smile  


No Oats, No Carbs, No Drinks, No busicuits, No cereal bar or whatsoever --> I dont know u girls but I couldnt stop myself from eating them once i get it started =.=""

A little bit of chocolate actually help :)

Another tips that i learned from the past is that we shouldn't starve when we're on diet cz it will actually make us feel like eating even more after that =.=""

n i don't...i don't exercise for this period of time...

I know lotsa people always said that we should exercise and eat healthy at the same time..

I've tried a few times n i think exercise doesnt really work the best on me..it depends on which stage i am...

I choose not to exercise at this stage. Reason being is because 

1) Loosen up my muscles --> ok my england sucks i don;t know how to descirbe this =.="" hahaha

2) My energy level is kinda low --> I will not consume more 1000 calories each day during this period of time.


But well, my weakness is always dessert!!!! I can resist everything except dessert! =.=""" 


Okla in overall, i guess the most important key is still the same --> Determination!



I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

Good luck everyone and good luck to me!

Will share more if i past this stage successfully. :)


Here's another interesting blog post about diet by Xiaxue, go n have a look--> 


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I am wearing pink today, what about you? I support Pink October ♥

I've been seeing this campaign here and there but i didn't really put much attention on it until today!

Saw this Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at Azorias - Malaysia Top Korean Fashion Site!

You may see more details from their FB too. http://www.facebook.com/azorias

They are now working closely with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or better known as, Pink October.

Their initiatives include: 

i) Donating 10% of proceeds of any pink item sold in the store (indicated by a pink ribbon watermark) to BCWA.

ii) Selling BCWA merchandise in the store. All proceeds will go to BCWA.

iii) A pink ribbon and BCWA brochure will be included in each order (wear your ribbon proudly!)

iv) The "Pink Messenger" campaign


You know...girls like me especially...i don't really put much attention on my health! Sometimes i do worry about my health cz i don't eat/sleep properly nor doing any medical check ups consistently!I'm kind of glad that they actually organize this campaign! cz from there i get to know that every female in Malaysia have 1 in 20 chance of getting breast cancer. It's kind of scary! Life is too short and we really should take care of our health and do necessary check ups consistenly.

ps : This is not an advertorial. I'm doing this just for their campaign! i think it's time to do some necessary check ups! I feel so grown up now! Now that i've earn on myself i wish that i could take care of myself too! Not just me but my family too! Therefore, spread this to your girl friends to increase the awareness on ways to detect / prevent breast cancer today! Love yourself, Love life! :)

Join them today at http://www.facebook.com/azorias.

Post a picture of you in pink & support pink October!











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Deng Deng!!!!

Finally...I take my heart all out to write this post!

ok~ so....some of u might already know tat i gained like 12345678 kg / pounds ever since my USA work n travel trip started!

I never feel regret / sad on every pounds tat i gained~ Felt greatful n proud instead =.="""

However...since the journey had comes to the end....

guess i should change my focus to wat i wanna become in the future?or now maybe?

So, this is wat i wanna be for now!~

#1 Change my hair color!

#2 More n more vintage n vintage n vintages!

#3 Shred off atleast 5kg in 2 months time!

In order to make sure all these missions accomplished....I'm gonna update this phase as much as i can to keep myself on track on everything!

ya know...ppl always get lazy after all~


So, wat i have done this 2 days for my super enjoy diet plan?

see, a lot of gals feel sad/stress/depress throughout their diet plan!

cz they r not HAPPY at all!

all they can do is smell, see but not touch or eat!

There's once i had been in this stage too!

but i told myself, i'm gonna start a different one!

a happy diet plan! how does it sound?

so, Let's get started!!!!!


Breakfast! A super important meal of the day!

Eat everything i love n as much as i can!~

Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Mee Goreng, KFC...anything! anything tat i love! cz it's been 4 months i didnt touch Malaysian food!


Lunch! Kinda important meal of the day!

Eat moderately~!

Porridge with steam vege + Eggs ?


Dinner! A very not important meal of the day!

Half size porridge or oat maybe?


Yoga n dance time!

Sweat as much as u can!~ Not encourage to be more than 30 minutes since u gonna do this everyday!~



2 litres for everyday!!!!


Imagine urself as a singer / dancer / model / artist or watever u like!~ 

since it's in urself! nobody's gonna laugh at u rite?

muahaha! so dont laugh at me wei!


My target would be 5kg in 2 months!

Let's see how it works k?

 tat's all for now..

will update again wat i do n eat if i discover any new menu n the most importantly, wen i get bored with all the food! =.="""




ps: This is a diet plan tat i used n which might only be suitable for myself!I did not include fruits in my plan for this phase cz fruits always makes me feel hungry n it is not good to be too hungry or get hungrily easily!~

ps 2: Pray...pray much much tat this plan will continue n continue n continue!!!!!!

ps 3: Dont be sad even if the plan failed! cz we r human!!!! we must live happily~ :p


Gampateh everyone!!!!!!

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Not-so-pinkish BUT quite-tidy room~


Tadah~ space behind blue curtain is my dressing room!!!~ WOW! ive got my OWN dressing room!!~

although it's small n fake la~ wtfish


n....wen u open up the curtain, u will see a clothing rack, 5 doors wardrobe and a small make up heaven~


This little dottie sea blue curtain is from 100 yen, which means, only RM4.90 each!! CHEAP RIGHT?

however, it is too light n it doesnt really work as a curtain...*its not it's job though~ keke as it's a shower curtain*

but anyway, Bear thought one idea to transform it into a PRO curtain~


just clip it n tat's all~


clothing rack~i never seen this kind of rack before. It's portable n easy to set up. No nails or hammer or screw driver needed. The only thing tat u have to do is just extend it until it touches the wall n floor.   DSC06267.JPG

tat's my little make up heaven~ really enjoy sitting ter n dolling up myself~ 

although its been a long time  i didnty get to doll up myself due to lack of time :(


Here are all those that i love most!~really love this cosmetic box!~

the first time i found tat i'm a tidy person!~ wakakak


My lovely hairbandssss!!~ i'm crazy with any kinds of hairbands, although i didnt really got the chance to wear them always~

Clinchers, sashes and waist belts~


necklaces, headbands, bangles, brooches ++


Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons~Bows, bows, bows~


Junk food heaven~ wakaka

I love the curtain so much...It's not in pink though...but the quality is really good! n the most important is..it's not mine =.="" looks a bit messy here~ but its still acceptable cz my room is not so big tat kind~


My table~ too many things le la! i've shifted the accesories box under the clothes rack so that it wont be so occupied.


my lappieeeeeeeeeeeee~


n tat's all!~

tat's my little world ter~ hopefully all stuff remain clean n tidy until the end of the semester =.=""

n i tell u WAT!

P1 WiMax connection SUCKSSSS!!!!

It tooks me 24 hours to attach a picture through my mail! n the worst thing is, it dosn't succesfull!!!

walao.......waste my time nia!!!!!

We are finding a solution here cz there isnt port left for us in sk!!


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I always heard about SUBWAY recently but i haven't try their sandwiches before...their products emphasize more on health concern,diet n weight management..n i know, gals always need to watch out their weights as long as they r still alive...not all of course...but i'm the one! haha..but it is still the best if we can enjoy the food tat we love while maintaining our weight! i had found tis at SUBWAY's website n i think it is usefull for all of us,especially gals~

To maintain/reduce our weight,we must :

  1. Eat 3 meals per day and small snacks.
  2. Eat slowly.
  3. Load up on veggies and fruit.
  4. Drink non-calorie beverages like water and diet soda instead of regular soda and fruit drinks.
  5. Eat balanced meals with a variety of foods.
  6. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods.
  7. Increase Physical Activity any way you can!
  8. Be Realistic.
  9. Focus on Eating for Good Health.


  p/s : click here for further explanation~

hellokittyicon.gifhappy healthy~hellokittyicon.gif

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deng deng~



不到1天,我就把它看完了~真的快好多哦~比起我看英文书~ 哈

这本书呢,在日本及台湾都很流行。。多注重于人们的便便~ 比如形状啊,颜色拉,及味道。。。哈哈。。




1。 便便问题







便便很臭, 或被人说臭


2。 饮食习惯



















解答 :

>15个 = 实际年龄 + 30 岁

10-14个 = 实际年龄 + 20 岁

5-9个 = 实际年龄 + 10 岁

<4 个= 实际年龄 + 5岁

0个 = 肠道年轻有活力



好老了~天啊~ 不过没关系。。。就如我每天对我便便说的 ,要乐观看待,有耐性,一定可以,要坚持下去!加油! 哈



不过,no.1 必须作的就是把所有便秘要,排毒茶桶桶丢一遍~如果有信心,就丢掉吧~




如果已经很严重了。。。可以尝试一下这个方法 :


周末1公斤畅快拍便餐 :

FRI = 晚上吃500g番薯 + 1-2 苹果 

SAT = 早上吃500g番薯 

SUN = 早上就会有1kg的便便了

附录 :途中要+ 些yogurt哦~

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早上 :清水2杯,yakult 1罐
午餐 :yogart 1罐,IKO 1 包,清水1杯(慢慢喝)
下午茶 :苹果 2个,清水1杯(慢慢喝) 
晚餐 :清水1杯, 水煮蛋1个

早上 :清水2杯,yakult 1罐
午餐 :清水1杯, 水煮蛋1个
下午茶 :苹果 2个,清水1杯(慢慢喝) 
晚餐 :清水1杯,yogart 1罐

早上 :清水2杯,yakult 1罐
午餐 :yogart 1罐,IKO 1 包,清水1杯(慢慢喝)
下午茶 :苹果 2个,清水1杯(慢慢喝) 
晚餐 :清水1杯, 水煮蛋1个







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