YES! ITS TRUE!!!! MAC HELLO KITTY launched!!!!!

lolzz so keen to get one! but unfortunately i cant afford it!!!!

tempted rite?>!!!! lolzz mama

i wan tis!!the eyeshadow! about RM150! zzz

Estimated price : RM400 for whole set! *estimate only ar! better check out if u really want*

ps : i dont want to check out! cz i might be out of control!!!!

the lipsticks r so so cute!!!!!

i love tis the most! the blusher!!!! so cute!!!!!

the 2 sexy n chariming kitty!


pls take a look for their video ads!!!! so sexy n charming!


see the balloons!!!!! attractive rite??? ter r so crowded wit ppl quiying for the balloonsss!

Below r the Malaysia sexy and charming kitty! cute rite???

DSC02629.JPG DSC02630.JPG

OMG i love the right one!!!! so cute n pinkish! n i love the big bow on her head!!!! i really love it!!!! OMGGGGGG

i love kitty, pink n bow!!!!! n all of tis features is right on her zzz owhhh i love her! zzz


see? all the ppl r waiting for the balloon!!! lolzzz *including me* :p

Found tis cute lil gal while i m quiying!


she dont let me to take photo! however, i ve ask her mom's permission! n her mom is ok with it! but she is not ok wit it pula!ha  =.=


yap!!!! finally i ve got to take her pic! so cute rite!!!! bigbig tearish eyes wit a meimeitou! ha same hairstyle wit me :p


I love tis pic so much!!! although it spoiled d! i feel so cool!!!!like a celebrity! ha zzz


haha i curi curi take one after our movie! ha so u can guest tat time is at about 1am! ha its a bit blur though! but i still love it! :p


my lovie! pls stay wit me!


n yes!!!!! we got the balloon!!!! hahah but only one!nvm la!!we r ji mui ma! share share lo!SCREAM!!!!!!


da princess wit hello kitty~



HELLO KITTY inspired style look!


hello kitty color.GIF


tis is my MAC hello kitty inspired style look!!!! am i success?? zzz im still love it no matter wat! ha

anyway, tis is my outfit on the 2nd day! ha


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